Hardware repairs

Component level repair of main-boards

Screen repair for laptops, tablets and phones

Charging sockets

Battery problems

Keyboard replacement

and many more

Software repairs

Full service of computers


Virus, Spyware and Malware removal

Speed up and optimization service

Windows and Mac OS installation

Data transfer and recovery

Corrupted driver repair 

Hardware upgrade

​Make your old computer much faster by upgrading critical components.

Upgrades of:

processor, RAM memory, video card, hard drive, mainboard, power supply unit, cooling system.

Our best selling services

Speed up and optimization

Computers tend to get slower after months of use. This happens because unnecessary files tends to accumulate and slow down your computer. By removing those files and optimizing operating system we can make your computer run like new again.

Full laptop service

Complete operating system installation and optimization for performance. Your computer will be as fast as it will ever be. Includes cooling system cleaning, full data back up: antivirus, Office software and many more.  

New laptop set up

Even brand new computer has lots of junk data and software that can and should be removed for optimal performance. We can make new computer run faster for you. Includes antivirus installation and Office package.